How I Will Run...

"For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, He writes – not that you won or lost – but how you played the Game." - Grantland Rice

I'd like to lay out some ground rules for how I will conduct my campaign and how it will be different from other candidates.

  • Focus on what is important to citizens of the 8th District, not national and/or partisan priorities.
    • As a first time candidate, I've noticed that a wide range of organizations are very quick to seek out a candidates positions on a wide range of issues.  I want my focus to be guided by the people of the 8th. So, while not to belittle the importance of whether one is for or against 'Big Cats as Pets', I want the folks of the 8th to let me know that the answer to such issues is what's important to them.  If so, I will work to learn the various sides around the issue, why it is important to us in the 8th and then let you know where I stand.
    • If you are a registered voter of the 8th, please reach out to with the one or two questions that you'd like me to address.  I will try to get answers posted in as timely a manner as I is my response to the first such question I received. 
      • Please provide your first and last names, as well city or zip code, in your email.
      • If you live in the 8th but haven't registered...please do so with the fine folks at the Secretary of State's Office, then send on your questions. 
      • If you live in the 8th but are unable to register, e.g. under age 18, please ask a registered voter to send in your question.  I definitely believe what is important to you matters, merits a response and I will try to get to these as I can, but I want to keep the focus on those of us who have the responsibility to be engaged in this process.
  • During the primary - the only contributions I'm requesting are to have your friends and relations in the 8th District consider my candidacy.
    • I do not believe that money talks for us, so much as it amplifies our speech, allowing the few to drown out voices of the many.  I believe if one cannot be heard over the din of a monied cohort, that one's freedom of speech has been abridged.
      • In order to help unify those in the judiciary with the differing views of whether the Constitution is a 'living' or 'dead' document, I would work to add an amendment clarifying this point.
    • While I was disappointed by the 'Citizens United' verdict that enabled vast sums of money to flow into our political process by equating money to speech, it is incumbent on us less, well funded to seek a viable means of being heard.
    • If you would like to contribute money to my campaign, please wait until we are through the primary. 
  • During the general - only contributions from Washington's 8th District will be accepted.
    • Many of the top campaigns for Washington's 8th District are placing minimal limits on outside influence. Most of the major party campaigns receive over 70% of their reported receipts from outside of our District (from PACs and out of state/out of district donors).  I will do things differently.